is a voluntary organization which was formed by intelligence groups around the United States following the end of World War II. Its basic history began in 1945 with two of the oldest groups still in existence and functioning: the Military Intelligence Association of New England (MIANE) and The New York Counter Intelligence Corps Association (NYCICA). Now at more than seventy years, age is beginning to diminish original numbers. The oldest members are leaving us, the middle-agers are sustaining us and the young Military Intelligence people seem to have no knowledge of us. Based on past experience, when newspaper articles appear concerning the various group changes of Administration (Pres., Vice Pres., etc.) with blurbs that provide general background information on the individual accompanied by a brief outline of the organization, there is a surge of interest and inquiry by the long silent CIC agents in the area. (This Web site and NCICA’s publication "Golden Sphinx" has pretty well taken the place of Newspaper reports and publications.) Along with the inquiry is the inevitable: "I didn’t know anything like this existed!"; "where can I find you?"; "how can I join?" If you are interested in keeping company with present and former Military Intelligence people, NCICA just might be the organization for you. Our membership numbers are reasonable at this time and in order to maintain the organization’s viability it is time to reach out and touch recent and present members of the Military Intelligence community. Information and inquiries can be made to representatives listed under Regional Vice Presidents and do not overlook members of the Board of Directors as well as Contacts as additional sources. When we left the 'Bird' or the Military Intelligence training outfits we were cautioned to say nothing of our mission, to discuss nothing about our Intelligence affiliations and in general remain silent. A caveat that for us older guys lasted fifty-five years -- and more for some. We know that there are many facets of our activities that even today are not divulged or discussed.
Perhaps it is time that we let our present Intelligence world know: we were and we are!!
This "note" is your invitation to join as part of the living History of U.S. Military Intelligence.

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      THANK YOU to the many visitors who left us messages after visiting our website.
Due to our limited resources we are unable to answer many of them.
Many requests are asking if we have any knowledge of a family member who was part of the CIC.
If you do not get a reply to your inquiry it only means no member has any knowledge to give you.
It does not mean your request was ignored.

      A book resource often mentioned for information on the CIC was written by
Major Ann Bray a former CIC special agent from the WW2 era.

      I also found, During a recent Google search, a PDF file:

            COVERT LEGIONS, U.S. Army Intelligence in Germany, 1944-1949
            BY: Thomas Boghardt
            Center of Military History
            United States Army
            Washington, D.C., 2022
              Click on Link Below:
      It has almost 500 pages and Full of pictures

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