The mission of the CIC was the detection, neutralization and/or destruction of espionage, sedition, sabotage and subversive activity against the US Army. High standards were set for individuals selected for CIC service. The IQ requisite minimum score was 120 and above - persons selected were investigated for impeccable backgrounds based on loyalty, integrity and discretion.

      The demands on the FBI were so great during World War II that an agreement was reached whereby the CIC would handle all security matters pertaining to the US Army exclusively. Thus "America’s Secret Army", "Spy Catchers", "Spooks" or "Silent Warriors" was launched with thousands of operative Special Agents spread worldwide. To accomplish their CIC missions they often operated in civilian clothes rather than military uniforms and had false undercover identification and concealed weapons when necessary. Point in fact: A general was to address a group and asked the FBI for a security 'detachment' for his activity. The agent looked at the General and said; "Why don’t you get some of your own?" The General responded with "What do you mean 'Our own'?" The agent answered: "General, you don't know that the Army has its own security force, the CIC?" And so began the clandestine branch of the U.S. Army.

      Although Military Intelligence dates back to George Washington’s time, the Revolutionary War, was active again in World War I, it was virtually abandoned at the close of that war. With the onset of World War II, Military Intelligence and Counter Intelligence were quickly reactivated and professionalized. Initially it became the Corps of Intelligence Police (CIP). The (CIP) was later renamed and redirected into the US Army Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) on January 1, 1942.

      CIC was heavily involved in the security of the Atomic Bomb development and the Normandy Invasion among others. At the end of World War II, CIC personnel were successful in an operation called "Paper Clip" that obtained German Rocket Scientists for America before the Soviets took them. This action aided in the success of our rocket development program and resultant adventure into space. CIC actively continued positive and counter intelligence activities in the Cold War, Korean War and Vietnam War. Their successful missions are legendary in protecting America against its enemies.

      The core of the present day NCICA was established from the ranks of the Counter Intelligence Corps along with veteran and active military intelligence people who served in the many wars. The Association is composed of prominent persons from all walks of life and is an elite group of dedicated Intelligence persons who served or are serving in all branches of the United States military.
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