National Counter Intelligence Corps Association


Major updates will be made to the NCICA website on at least an annual basis.

Interim updates will be handled by asking the reader to link to an EVERNOTE shared notebook.

EVERNOTE shared notebooks (in theory) can be shared on a public basis ("Share with the world") or on an individual basis.

We will strive to post updates, such as new information about Convention plans, NCICA happenings, etc. on a regular basis.

To obtain access to the shared notebook containing such information, please click on the following link:

You will be asked whether you want to JOIN or VIEW the notebook.  In most cases, you should select VIEW, unless you are a regular user of EVERNOTE and want to include this shared notebook in with your own collection.

In the event that the Public Shared Notebook does not work (EVERNOTE runs on many platforms, such as Windows, IOS, IPad, IPod, Android, etc. and has been known to fail), then please send a brief note asking for a different link.

The note should be addressed to RogHart@AOL.COM and you will in return receive a link to an individual notebook which will contain the desired information.

Thank you.